Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A message from Robbie Segal

Dear brother and sister

I would like to thank all those who have helped the campaign to win democracy in Usdaw and who have seriously contributed to the debate on the future direction of our Union.

As a candidate in the Usdaw general secretary election, I have been shocked by the lack of fairness in the way this election has been conducted. This and this alone should be enough for the members to throw out the current general secretary.

I have received many suggestions and comments on rule changes to make Usdaw a more open Union for our members and I will be publishing this document shortly.

As important has been the debate about policy. There has been more discussion on the vital issues facing our Union over the past month than takes place at the ADM. As general secretary, I will ensure that the Union is given back to the members and there is a genuine debate about the direction of Usdaw.

I intend with your help to continue the debate on both democracy and policy in our Union. A conference has been organised to discuss these issues in London on Saturday 20th September. I hope to meet you then.

Whatever the result of this election the struggle for democracy and a fighting Usdaw will continue and together I believe we can win this battle.

Robbie Segal

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